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Why Lube Is Needed

When it comes to any sex-related activity, all women know that it is important for them to be “wet”.It helps to ensure that they feel good.In fact, any sort of vaginal penetration needs some form of lubrication to be even remotely effective.No matter if the woman is being penetrated by a man, or by a sex toy. However, when it comes to sex toys, the concept of "lube" is much more prevalent.

Let’s first start by explaining where this prevalence of "lube" is derived from.And then get into everything else you need to know to successfully incorporate lube with your sex toys.Keeping in mind that lube is a form of "manual" lubrication, it only makes sense to compare it to the other form of lubrication that women know and love: natural lubrication.

This lubrication is made by the women to not only allow safe insertion of a man’s penis, but also to make the sex pleasurable by reducing the friction between the penis and the vaginal walls.However, natural lubrication is a process that not only takes time, but also takes a natural progression of arousal.

In typical sexual encounters, this arousal is achieved by foreplay. Given even just a few minutes of intimate foreplay with your partner, your vagina will typically be fully lubricated and ready for penetration.But with sex toys, the situation is a little bit different.

Compared to a male partner who physically needs to get aroused enough to maintain a solid erection for insertion, sex toys don’t require this waiting period.While not a bad thing for a woman, this can lead to situations where she is not yet fully lubricated.

Even if you are mentally “horny”, physically you may not be ready to have vaginal penetration.In this case, inserting your sex toy will often be uncomfortable, if not downright painful (It definitely won’t feel pleasurable).Not only that, but in most sexual encounters with a real partner, you can get naturally lubricated through the use of foreplay.

But with sex toys, you don’t have that option. This leaves you with very little options to naturally get yourself lubrication.For most women, the only way to get in the right physical state for vaginal penetration is to focus on clitoris stimulation.At least to start things off.But that still takes time.This dilemma is why lube is often necessary – to physically prepare you for vaginal penetration.

What about anal sex?

In this case, the need for lube is not necessarily because of the lack of foreplay and arousal, but more so because the anal cavity does not naturally produce lubricant on it's own in the first place.

So whether you are having typical anal sex or inserting sex toys anally, lube is an absolute must!

Lube can be your best friend in the world of sex toys

Regardless of how well you lubricate naturally, adding manual lube will only help to increase your pleasure levels.This is especially true when talking about sex toys, which often leave you without any natural lubrication and without the time or means to lubricate yourself otherwise.

While lube is admittedly not a necessity for every woman who uses sex toys, it can be a big help to those who truly need it.And even if you don’t need it, you can’t go wrong with adding extra lubrication while you penetrate yourself.

So embrace the concept of using lube and if you so desire, learn to integrate it into your sex life. Especially when using your sex toys. Follow our tips and tricks above, and you’ll be well on your way to maximizing your sexual satisfaction with the help of lube.